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we're on our own

May. 27th, 2007 | 10:45 pm
music: the forcast

I am done with all people.

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(no subject)

May. 8th, 2007 | 12:59 pm
mood: cynicalcynical
music: ben folds

ouch. well today was the worst day ever.

The surg went well. I appriciate what everyone has been doing for me lately,
but I'm just not very happy right now.

I like not doing anything, but not for long periods of time, like this, especially when I'm not exactly comfortable.
I'm fucked.
I've had too much time to think, i watched too many movies, decided on too many things.

I just want this whole process to be over with so I can just leave. I need to do something ridiculous when this is over with. I need to make a bad desicion.

I'm not myself right now.

Could you believe I'm still caught up on some of the same shit from 3 years ago?
cause i am

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SHE's a whore

May. 1st, 2007 | 08:33 pm
mood: ecstaticcan't wait
music: Mates of State & Fratellis

Tomorrow. Is. The. Big. Day.

I'm going under the knife.

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billy brown lived an ordinary life...

Apr. 15th, 2007 | 10:11 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger

Hello Dear Livejournal.

I'm happy to see you again on this raining Sunday morning. I've missed you dearly.

Much has happened since I've last updated, I've noticed.

Well, I'm going to try to sum up the past 8 months of my life, ready? Here I go.

My summer was perfect I had the best times I've ever had in my life w. everyone.

Arts Alive was the best experience I ever had & I made so many great friends.
I hope to do that all over again.

My Junior year in High School FLEW by. The beginning was kind of really just blah, but after school hours things got crazy good.

I spent at least three months straight where it was just me and Meg every day. ha. That was nice.

As for now, the end, I'm appreciating a lot more things, I'm enjoying highschool a lot more. I'm actually kind of sad we only have one year left. I'm better around people, somewhat, and that's a big deal for me.

I have a really good idea what I want to do with my life, but nothing is set in stone.
My first and most important decision I have to make, is if I'm gonna stay around here for a year, or just go, or stay the whole time.(which that prolly won't be happening)

My second thing is finding that second school to transfer to.

I really do and don't like how everything is flying by anymore. Summer, the speed of things were just right. Since September I can't beleive we're already 140 some days into the school year.

Meg k. turns 19 tomorrow.
Michele turns 20 in december.
Katie turned 17 two months ago.

I really don't want to age anymore. This is a good year for me.

I drive now, too. That's a huge help.

I will be getting the surgery I've been waiting for since I was 13 years old. yea. I'm real nervous.

I'm obsessed with a boy. We're in love. We've been through a lot in the past 2 months 7 days. His name is Mika. :)

The Window Shoppers have progressed majorly since we have Katie. She has an incredible voice and without here we'd be nothing. <3

We're now signed with Radial Noise Records and Bill is OUR GUY.
We now have a single recorded, 3 types of shirts, and sweatpants on the way.

I think we're all getting better at playing, also. I think we're paying more attention and trying new things more and that is good. :)

I'm currently taking Art in Mid Valley. ha. That's nice. I love the class, not so much the projects, but at least it gives me the motivation to do stuff on my own.

I was able to see a bunch of my favorite bands play the past 8 months. ha.

Kristine & I are tighter now that the second semester is in play.
I love our lunch table, everyone is histerical.
That's one of the things I learned to appreciate.

I don't really like to hang out in large groups of people.

I still have my up's and my down's.
I'm still moody on occation.
I still have things that erk me.
I still love a lot of things.
I'm still real crazy emotional with things.
I'm human.
sort of .

& my dad is awesome now.

& so is my aunt. ha

OH ! & Vince came in on Friday! Surprise! haha.

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gayger mexicans

Aug. 11th, 2006 | 08:47 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: hellogoodbye - in your arms

I had a hard day at band the other day. To make matters worse, 2 people from work called me to ask if I would help out. I wasn't able to due to the fact that my band & I were scheduled to record & already had the plans to meet the owners at 4pm at Taco Bell. So I felt a little bad, especially because Fran called & she NEVER asks me for help, I usually ask her. I wasn't in the greatest of moods for a short while after that. But I sucked it up & called Megan.

After a horribly long day of useless recording in a basment in "EAST LEMON", The Window Shoppers, Vince, & Gavin decided "Man, we owe ourselves a nice dinner". We ended up driving past a restaurant in the Clarks Summit area, called Bennigan's. It looked appetizing so we turned around & went in. There were 6 of us all together, so the waitress had to push two tables together in the front of the restaurant. Funny thing, there were two men setting up to play some music right in front of us. We laughed.

Megan, Katie, & I put down our stuff, left the boys & Michele at the table & went to the ladies room. To our surprise, Michele ends up in the bathroom, and exclaims, "I'm not going to lie, I thought we were going to the table." We laughed.

Gavin spent two dollars trying to play Nine Inch Nails on the digital juke box. It was wasted, or so I believe. The two men, we find out later known as The Wannabees, haven't begun to play just yet. So, we ordered our food. Katie & I both order the same odd combination of dinner shrimp of fries. Everyone else ordered average except Vince, who just wasn't hungry. The food was delicious.

We all had a nice time talking amongst ourselves, about things not normally brought up. It was a good change. Comedy to drama almost. They are good people. Anyway, so we finished eating, waiting for Gavin's milkshake, & the band goes up. There was a keyboard, a bass, & a guitar, plus microphones. There first song was Margarittaville. We laughed.

Since we were so lucky as to sit right in the front, the two men made us noticed. Then, out of no where asks "You look like musicians, do any of you play music?" We laughed.

We explained how we were a band called The Window Shoppers, & actually just got finished with a day of recording & how it didn't go so well. In a surprised manner, the shorter man with the glasses & spikey hair said, "Wow. Would you want to play a song?" We laughed.

Katie's song was the only song that we had actually recorded & kept on a cd, from our four hours in East Lemon. So, we agreed to playing a song, grabbed the bucket, woodblock, & tamborine, and played Post-It Confessions. We were even introduced as "This is a one time deal, folks. The Window Shoppers in Bennigan's!" This happening cheered us right up & we even almost completely forgot about our bad experience earlier that day.

We ended up playing a second song. Fell For You turned out even better. I was complimented on my not messing up my partial solo. We all had fun. The best part about it was Gavin was taping us off and on with Michele's camera all day long. So, even with bad day, he captured our good night. We thank him greatly, and you will soon see & hear two new characteristics added to our Myspace. The video & recording.

A lesson to learn here is... Definetly be open minded when in a rough situation. Don't put up a wall & believe only what you want to. Here we started off with a rough day, & when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Bennigan's perked us rigt up. Also to be happy with what you get. Even though I'm not a fan of onions, the deep fried few I recieved with my meal tasted amazing with the shrimp sauce.

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(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2006 | 10:48 pm
music: The Forcast - And we all Return to our roots

Dear Diary,
Today I met a girl.
Her name is Megan.
She has very nice glasses.
I like to do her hair.
She plays the mandolin.
I think she likes me too.
Love Always,
Samantha Lee Nardelli

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(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2006 | 10:42 pm
music: Wilson Phillips - Hold On

Dear Diary,
Today I made a new friend.
Her name is Michele.
Sometimes she's mean to me.
She says I have big utters.
So does she.
I think she likes me too.
Love Always,
Samantha Lee Nardelli

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(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2006 | 10:40 pm

Dear Diary,
Today I met a boy.
His name is Vince.
I think he likes me too.
Love Always, Samantha Lee Nardelli


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you better change it back or we will both be sorry..

Jun. 28th, 2006 | 08:54 pm
mood: okayugh
music: Air Supply - lost in love

I'm not the type to just come out & say it.
So I'm not gonna.

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i believe that lovers should be tied together

May. 22nd, 2006 | 08:22 pm
mood: complacenti love keys
music: Jenny vs. Conor

List of things Sam can do as of May 9 2006.

Enter Borders past 6 o'clock on a weekend.

Understand this whole driving deal and maybe get her permit.

Get the industrial peircing WITH a parent.

Work past 8:00pm.

Work before 6:00am.

Able to finish donuts?

Legally be a member of Myspace. lol

Have a cerfew (sp?) past 10 on a weekend and past 8 on a weekday. :)

Get a 2nd job @ Gadzooks.

That's about it.

Late summer nights together
We can't just both go home
this time it just can't end
we walked up and down our streets
admire all in this great heat
photographing everything.

So our band (the window shoppers) have been playing a couple shows, & looking forward to more. BUT our singer is leaving for the summer. :( And we are currently looking for another. There was thought of just singing ourselves, but we don't know how that'll fly, so if there's anyone able to sing & interested in Chick music let us know. ;)

4 out of 5 are leaving for colleges and what not. & me.. I still have 2 more years of high school left. . . . . . I'm gonna be Hyde in the final episode.

we were some silly film
15 months 7 diaries
our parents drove us everywhere
music for our evry mood
seasons doubled up so much to do

I own a Red Buick. It's cute.

If any one wants to be my next victim I have two extra boxes of hair dye. Red & Blonde.

once we get to our own house(s)
we try to straight ourselves out
it's just to good to be true
this love between me & you
we were so crazed & oh so close
Winter time marshmellow snow
it's got to last, i'll make this last
(atleast that's what I used to say)

I do believe in dancing at a Disco. I do believe Flashbacks should have an under 21 under 18 anything night. I would go.

There's less than 2 weeks left of school.
There's less than 2 weeks left of school.
There's less than 2 weeks left of school.

You don't know about:
You took me to the city
before I was so afraid
I couldn't stand you more than 2 ft away
Ice skating in the fall
& those long breezey walks
Forest rides and all
I hated going home.

I am in love with Lomography.
It almost completely loves me back.

I wrote you a little something. Though I'm just the artist.

Violin TBA Window Shoppers.

Your house, your mom, your couch, your bed
Your same old movies
Our same words said
wrestling every where we go
checking locks on back doors
setting dates and making plans
these are just some of the things we could never do again.

I believe I'm better off.

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